Apple Inc. Granted Patent Allowing Remote And Real-Time iPhone Tracking


Apple Inc. has just been granted a patent that would let people track other people’s iPhones without ever actually following the person in real-life.

However, this new patent from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is also expected to have people crying foul over intrusions to privacy.

According to the Fox News host, the technology is actually intended for the safety of people. How? Baker says that for example, if a friend is going on a journey or a hike, that friend can turn on the feature on their Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) device which would allow you and others to monitor their every turn.

“The tracking system of course raises privacy concerns, if you are worried about that sort of crap,” Baker goes on to joke.

However, he continues by saying that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has said that the feature can only be activated by the person who owns the device. This may alleviate some people’s concerns that other can turn on the feature remotely and track their phones without them knowing.


Nonetheless, Baker pointed out that it would only be natural for a company like Apple to say those reassurances to stop people from being overly-concerned and consequently averse to the introduction of technologies such as this real-time tracking system.

Andy Levy who was on the panel when Fox News discussed the technology said that he has no problem with a technology such as this as long as it is opt-in that the user actually has to manually turn on. He said, however, that he would have felt better if this was an application that he could download separately and not be integrated into the phone out of the box.

Levy also points out, nonetheless, that the iPhone maker files a lot of patent applications with some being granted but not actually end up used in new devices out of the consumer electronics giant. This might be something that Apple would end up not using, he said.

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