Network Topologies


Network Topology is the way computer systems or network equipment connected to each other. Topologies may define both physical and logical aspect of the network. Both logical and physical topologies could be same or different in a same network.   Point-to-point Point-to-point networks contains exactly two hosts (computer or switches …

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Domain Controller


  Many of the computer engineers and users, especially involved in system networking have come across a Domain Controller. Without it there is no domain, means there can not be a controlled networkWhat is definition of a domain controller, what does a domain controller do? Where is it used? How does …

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SIM card maker Gemalto wants answers on alleged hacks by US, UK spies

Did the US and UK hack their way into SIM cards used in mobile phones? That’s the question one SIM card maker is trying to investigate. Dutch company Gemalto manufactures SIM cards for mobile phones, which it sells to around 450 carriers throughout the world, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and …

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Microsoft Acted When Lenovo Hesitated: Updated Windows Defender Now Can Remove Superfish Adware

Lenovo has recently been under fire for its pre-installation of the Superfish Visual Discovery Software, an adware that compromises system security, in some of the company’s laptops. The adware tampers with the system of official certificates for websites used by computers to detect fake websites. By doing so, Superfish hijacks …

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