YouTube Gaming announced by Google


YouTube on Friday said it is creating an online arena devoted to video game play, jumping onto a hot “e-sports” trend and challenging Amazon-owned Twitch. YouTube Gaming will debut in Britain and the United States in the coming months, according to product manager Alan Joyce. “YouTube Gaming is built to …

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How to Use Your Laptop as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

wifi hotspot

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no W-Fi router, just one network cable and five people who need to use the Internet? Or maybe you have a 3G dongle that works with your laptop, but leaves your Wi-Fi-only tablet offline. Sounds familiar? It would certainly be …

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Google Maps Now Lets You Send Directions to iPhone From Desktop


Google back in April rolled out a feature to Android users that allowed them to send directions of any location to their smartphone, right from the desktop. The company has now introduced the feature to its iOS app. The updated Google Maps for iOS version 4.7.0 is now available to …

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Windows 10 PC squeezed inside Quanta’s Compute Plug

Quanta plug

A Taiwanese company has created a plug-like computer capable of running Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 10 operating system. Quanta’s Compute Plug is designed to be pushed directly into a power socket, has an HDMI port for TV connections and two USB sockets. It is not the first such device. US chipmaker …

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First Steam Machines on sale from Alienware and Cyberpower

steam machine

The first Steam Machines – an attempt to bring PC gaming to a wider audience – are available to pre-order. PC makers Alienware and Cyberpower have both announced machines that will be sent out to buyers in October. Several Steam Machines will be out this year, an attempt by games …

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