How to Download Videos from YouTube for Free is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to its convenience but the latter is limited when trying to download video from YouTube for free. Not every video can be saved using common methods. There are many different tools and Methods to download a YouTube video but I’ve squeezed down the list and mentioning best and easiest ways to download a YouTube video:


  1. Using the Downloading Website presents the fastest ways to download videos from YouTube, providing the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube. Try it once and you will agree that this is the most convenient YouTube video downloader you ever used.

 Ways to Download Youtube Videos-1

–          Go YouTube; copy any URL of the video:


–          Go The Web and paste Youtube url to download as shown below and click Download

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-2

–          Select any of your desired format and save the file.

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-3

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-4

Other Famous websites to download YouTube videos are:


  1. Using an Application

YouTube Downloader is one the most popular application to download YouTube videos. You can view the video on a mobile device or phone such as an iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3-player, MP4-player, Zune, PSP. You can cut out any parts you don’t need.

–          Go to the Website and download the appliacation.

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-5

–          Once installed, copy any desired URL from YouTube and paste it in to the application:

–          Then select your desired format and click on Download

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-6Ways to Download Youtube Videos-7

Other Famous applications for Youtube videos downloading are:


  1. Download Helper

Firefox Download Helper Extension is one of the best Download Helper.

–          Install the DownloadHelper extension. This extension allows you to quickly download most videos online, including any video from YouTube. You can download the extension by clicking the Firefox menu button, selecting “Add-ons”, and then clicking “Get Add-ons”. •Search for “DownloadHelper” and then click the Install button next to the DownloadHelper entry. DownloadHelper will automatically install.

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-8Ways to Download Youtube Videos-9

–          Restart Firefox after installing DownloadHelper.

–          Open the video you want to save. Using Firefox, navigate to the video that you want to download. You will need to open the video’s page in order to start the download.

–          Select your format. At the top-right corner of the Firefox window, you will see an animated DownloadHelper icon. click the down arrow icon next to the animated icon to open a menu of available formats.

–          If you’re downloading the video to watch on your computer, you can usually choose the highest quality option. This is typically labeled 720P or 1080P.

Ways to Download Youtube Videos-10

Watching a FLV video on your computer

If you’ve saved the file as a .flv file, you’ll need a player that supports .flv files. Below are a few suggestions.

VLC media player

Windows Media Player

Microsoft Windows users also have the ability of playing FLV files in Windows Media player with the right codec. Downloading and installing the CCCP codec installs this codec, as well as other codecs you’ll likely need in the future.

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