How Old

Every wonder how old do you look in your photograph or selfie that you recently uploaded on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Now you can check your age or atleast this tool make a guess on the basis of machine learning and facial recognition advance technology to find out how much old your face look in your pic. Microsoft builds a website [] to check (on the basis of machine learning technology) how old do you look in your photograph. You can upload your selfie or type your name into search bar to check out how much old do you look in your photo. Website makes a guess on age and gender on the basis of your photo and returns result.

Another tool, Face Detection technology, from Microsoft is capable of detecting the same person in multiple photos. You can test its face-matching tool here.


The size limitation for uploading photos is 3 MB. This site is powered with Microsoft Azure’s Face APIs which helps to predict age and gender using facial recognition technology. See the result what I found while uploading my photo on You can search faces by typing their name over search box powered by Bing or you can also try images pre-uploaded over the site. The tool works fine for me (atleast guess the gender accurate and somewhat close to age guessing).

You can find more details how does this tool work on Technet blog on machine learning.

You can also tweet your picture after check your age by this online tool using Hashtag [#HowOldRobot]. If the age guessed by this tool for your photo is wrong (I mean very much wrong!) don’t worry try with different photos. It’s fun to try this tool atleast once.

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