Iconic Nokia 3310 Get Imagined as Smartphones


The Nokia 3310 was one of them and we took the opportunity to remind you that the device got announced back in 2000 and went on to sell in 126 million units worldwide.

Another phone from that era which made a splash was the Ericsson T28s, introduced by the Swedish company back in 1999. It was probably best known as the first phone to make use of lithium polymer batteries and managed to become a best-seller in the US.

Some of us who remember the phones might be getting nostalgic here, so that’s why the folks over at Curved thought they do a little Nokia / Ericsson revival fest by producing a bunch of renders that blend the old and the new.

Have you ever wondered what the Nokia 3310 and Ericsson T28s would have looked like as smartphones? Well, even if you haven’t, it is still pretty interesting to see the results Curved has come up with.

For starters, the Ericsson T28s was imaged running Android OS, while the Nokia 3310 is shown taking advantage of Windows Phone OS.

In the case of the Ericsson, the keypad was removed in order to extend the screen downwards and make it more spacious. This was done so users could have access to apps, widgets and the Android navigation bar.

The upper half of the screen (which is curved, as you can see) is home to time, date and battery status information. You can also spot a frontal camera to appease the selfie-lovers of the new millennium.

As for the Nokia 3310, the designers went pretty bold coming up with three separate versions for the original feature phone, with a curved monochrome display and another with a color screen. The last one perfectly mimics the Lumia look.

As you can see in the gallery, the two Nokia concepts come equipped with massive camera units placed on their back. In particular, we’re dealing with a 41MP snapper.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in buying such a product today?

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