US Defence and Intelligence data now with Chinese Hackers

china hacker

  China-linked hackers appear to have gained access to sensitive background information submitted by U.S. intelligence and military personnel for security clearances that could potentially expose them to blackmail, the Associated Press reported on Friday. In a report citing several U.S. officials, the news agency said data on nearly all …

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Massive Cyber-Attack Hits US Federal Workers


Hackers broke into US government computers, possibly compromising the personal data of 4 million current and former federal employees, and investigators were probing whether the culprits were based in China, US officials said on Thursday. In the latest in a string of intrusions into US agencies’ high-tech systems, the Office …

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Uber Says Data Breach May Have Exposed Info on 50,000 Drivers

Uber announced Friday that it suffered a breach to an internal database in 2014 that exposed data on about 50,000 drivers. In a blog post, the car service company said the unauthorized access occurred on May 13, but was not discovered until Sept. 17. A subsequent investigation showed that the …

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