YouTube Gaming announced by Google


YouTube on Friday said it is creating an online arena devoted to video game play, jumping onto a hot “e-sports” trend and challenging Amazon-owned Twitch. YouTube Gaming will debut in Britain and the United States in the coming months, according to product manager Alan Joyce. “YouTube Gaming is built to …

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YouTube has a new app just for kids

YouTube says it has seen nearly 200% growth in family entertainment over the past year. As its popularity with children has increased, so have concerns from parents. The site bans explicit sexual content, but there are dark corners of YouTube where kids can accidentally end up. There is a “Safety …

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Youtube Most Viewed Music Videos

YouTube is getting better and better and also is the most used website for Video Uploads, sharing etc. YouTube has unveiled its most viewed music videos of 2014, revealing a few surprises for pop lovers everywhere. Katy Perry tops the rank with ‘Dark House’. Here’s complete list with Videos. The most …

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