Thieves Snap Selfies With Stolen iPad, Gets Caught


Some of you guys might be prudent enough to enable iCloud backup where photos taken on your mobile device are automatically synced with the cloud so that you can access your photos anytime and anywhere you go. However if you did not sync your photos, perhaps you might want to consider that in the event that your iOS device gets stolen and the thieves aren’t particularly bright.

Over in Texas, police have arrested two individuals suspected of stealing the iPad belonging to a Stewart Schaefer, who had made the mistake of leaving it in his car

unlocked. Now Schaefer probably thought all was lost until he noticed that a series of photos taken after his device was stolen started to make their way into his iCloud account.

The photos were that of the thieves who took a selfie using his iPad while holding fans of hundred dollar bills while in a Burger King. Schaefer then shared those photos online until a Reddit user contacted a friend of Schaefer with the details about the two thieves, who then took those details to the police which ultimately led to the arrest of a Dorian Walker-Gaines and Dillian Thompson, with the former admitting that him and Thompson had stolen the iPad, $5,000 in cash, a laptop, and other items that they found in Schaefer’s car.

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