Things You Can Do to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn, a business-focused social networking service, is slowly catching on in Indonesia, a country with a young, increasingly tech-conscious population.

The site still lags social media behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter, but it’s gaining attention among job seekers and professionals looking to expand their networks.

Four million of LinkedIn’s 347 million global users are registered in Indonesia, according to Aeran Ismail, the Southeast Asia Relationship Manager for the company.

Picture Yourself Professionally
Since LinkedIn’s purpose is to connect with fellow professionals, and eventually to attract potential employers, users are not advised to use selfies, group selfies or a picture with their loved ones or pets. “It’s good to have your own personal profile picture,” Mr. Ismail said. “It is something that represents you and your character indirectly.” A professional headshot taken from the chest up is a “presentable image,” he said.

No Nicknames
Listing your full name can really help improve your profile on LinkedIn, said Mr. Ismail. He recommends that users include their name as it would appear on formal documents, and stay away from using nicknames.

Showcase Yourself… Briefly
Completing  the Summary section of each profile is vital and could increase users’ value as a person and LinkedIn member, said Mr. Ismail.

In this section, “you can showcase yourself,” talk briefly about what you do or what strategic responsibilities you’ve had in previous jobs, he added.

Mr. Ismail also suggested that users provide a short list of their personal interests. “If you love basketball, for example, you can say that in the Summary [section] so anyone can see that you’re also fun outside of work,” Mr. Ismail said. “Remember that LinkedIn is a platform for people to see you as a holistic person, not as a workaholic.”

Include Recommendations
Including recommendations [from others] in the skills and endorsements section can “be the stepping stone of your career,” said Mr. Ismail, because they enhance what you’re already saying about yourself. Recommendations can “help people believe that you were a very important person at your previous company.”

Stay Connected
As in any social media platform, connections are essential for users to be recognized and plugged in to what’s happening. On LinkedIn’s home page, for example, users can see what their connections are reading, what posts they like, and who they’re befriending. “The more connected you are, the higher the possibility for you to learn new things,” Mr. Ismail said. While having plenty of connection is great, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that people with 500+ friends are more successful than people with only 100, Mr. Ismail said.

Don’t Get Too Personal
LinkedIn isn’t like most social networks where users are encouraged to share every personal moment in their lives. Mr. Ismail says users should be “very selective of what they share.” He also advises against posting negative words on LinkedIn and making sure to comment wisely on articles or posts users might not agree with. “Your profile will be seen and you don’t want to tell your network that you’re not good at giving comments in the professional manner.”

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