Ways to Download Torrents

  1. Install Torrent Client: There are many torrent clients available on internet, but the best of them is Bit torrent. Download and install it from www.bittorrent.com Downlaod Torrent -1
  2. Find torrent site to find your desired torrent. There are many sites where you can find torrents with good seeds. But http://kickass.to/ and piratebay.se are most used ones and most probably we will get here what you need. Downlaod Torrent -2
  3. Check that which File has most seeders, the more the seeds, the fast it will get downloaded. Downlaod Torrent -3
  4. Check out the comments also. Because those users who already have downloaded this torrent can tell you better. Downlaod Torrent -4
  5. Once you are sure to download, click on the ‘Download Torrent’ button. Make sure to click on correct button, because these sites are full of Ads.Downlaod Torrent -5
  6. Make sure that the torrent is Verified. Downlaod Torrent -6
  7. Once clicked on Download, pop-up will appear to show you the files. Check files and click OK to download.  Downlaod Torrent -7
  8. It will be shown in Bit torrent client and will start downloading. It will show you the Downloading speed, Upload speed, ETA etc. Downlaod Torrent -8
  9. Once downloaded, you can either remove it from the Queue or keep it to seed for others. Downloaded file will appear in your Downloads folder or you can Right click on File and click ‘Containing Folder’ to check the location. Downlaod Torrent -9 Downlaod Torrent -10 Downlaod Torrent -11Tip: You can limitize your upload and download speed as shown below:Downlaod Torrent -12 Downlaod Torrent -13


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